Tree Health Care Services that manage pests, nutrients, fungus, compaction, and other disorders that ail our urban forest. Trees, much like humans, can be severally affected by environmental stressors. In our Urban Forest there are numerous stressors that can overwhelm our trees causing them to under-perform, decline, or become a hazard.

Most trees are growing in less than adequate situations and therefore are more vulnerable to pests and disease. The Forestry Group is founded on the principle of treat the problem not the symptom. Understanding why pests and disease are affecting a tree is a more sustainable solution than continuing to treat the pests and disease.

Below are some of our Tree Health Care Services:

  • Palm & Broad-leaf Deep Root Fertilization
    Sucking Insect Control
    Fungus Control
    Nutritional Evaluation & Recommendation
    Olive Fruit Control
    Soil Aeration
    Proper Trunk Depth Excavation
    Bark Beetle Control
    Invasive Weed Management & Removal