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Fusarium – Don’t Kill Your Date Palm

Fusarium oxysporum- the AIDS of Date Palms & Why We Need to Practice “Safe Pruning” The genus Phoenix is comprised of several palm species, a handful of which are grown as ornamentals in San Diego landscapes: Phoenix canariensis ‘Canary Island Date Palm’ Phoenix dactylifera ‘Date Palm’ Phoenix reclinata ‘Reclinata Palm’ [...]

Fusarium – Don’t Kill Your Date Palm2019-03-08T14:54:05-08:00

When do you trim pine trees in San Diego?

In a natural forest, engraving bark beetles play a healthy role in selectively removing weak and overly mature trees. Healthy Pines trimmed at the correct season This natural process rejuvenates the forest by allowing new species to emerge. Healthy trees are able to fight-off the attacking beetles by [...]

When do you trim pine trees in San Diego?2019-03-08T14:54:35-08:00

Strategies to prepare your Property for Fire Season

Using brush management & weed abatement to create a sustainable defensible space for San Diego’s fire season San Diego’s fire season typically begins in June, peaks in early fall, and ends after the first seasonal rains from December through April. The winter and spring rains fuel the growing season for [...]

Strategies to prepare your Property for Fire Season2019-03-08T14:55:34-08:00

Stone Brewery Gardens Maintained by The Forestry Group

If you drink beer and live in San Diego, you probably have heard of Stone Brewery. The Forestry Group was selected to maintain their perimeter gardens last spring. If you haven't made it out to the brewery, we highly recommend making the trip. The Gardens are amazing and the beer... [...]

Stone Brewery Gardens Maintained by The Forestry Group2019-03-08T14:55:56-08:00

Coral Trees – How a Spring trimming prevents a Summer explosion

Coral tree splitting in the heat of summer Coral trees are notorious for having soft wood and failing without warning. In our Urban Environments, we tend to throw salt at injury by planting them in turf areas where they get over-watered and over-fertilized causing excessive annual growth. This [...]

Coral Trees – How a Spring trimming prevents a Summer explosion2019-03-08T14:56:14-08:00

Palm Tree Fertilization Program

Palm trees require adequate fertilization to prevent nutritional deficiencies and disorders. Unlike woody broadleaf trees (Dicots), palm trees (Monocots) elongate their trunks first before growing upwards. Due to this unique difference, they are not able to change their trunk diameter after they grow upwards and are not able to repair [...]

Palm Tree Fertilization Program2019-03-08T14:56:36-08:00

Tree Health Care Services

Tree Health Care Services that manage pests, nutrients, fungus, compaction, and other disorders that ail our urban forest. Trees, much like humans, can be severally affected by environmental stressors. In our Urban Forest there are numerous stressors that can overwhelm our trees causing them to under-perform, decline, or become a [...]

Tree Health Care Services2019-03-08T14:57:25-08:00